Hypnal is a cocrystal containing antipyrine and chloral. Antipyrine is an analgesic and chloral is a hypnotic agent. It was prescribed as a pharmaceutical as early as 1890.

The crystalline composition and unique physical properties were recognized. "Hypnal is antipyrine combined with one molecule of hydrated chloral." Hypnal "...occurs In colorless octahedral crystals or a white crystalline powder... It is soluble in 10 to 11 parts of cold water"
The Journal of the American Medical Association Vol. XLVII. No. 14. OCTOBER 6, 1906.

"It possesses all the properties of both chloral and antipyrin, or, in other words, both relieves pain and produces sleep. The very nature of the compound almost of necessity makes it a useful remedy, since, as is known to most of the profession, chloral in ordinary doses has little effect upon pain, and antipyrin, while relieving pain, rarely produces sleep." The Medical News, Vol, LVII 1890
Pharmaceutical cocrystal use as early as 1890
Business strategy
Renovo possesses a unique business strategy that sets it apart from other specialty pharmaceutical companies and presents a unique value proposition to investors and strategic partners.

We are committed to aggressively leveraging our expertise in solid state chemistry in order to create improvements in new and existing drug products. Renovo identifies, characterizes and patents cocrystals of an API and then determines the properties of the cocrystal that can be used to generate an improved product.

Renovo offers potential partners the opportunity to apply Renovo's cocrystal technology to APIs and projects in development. Renovo's technology can often complement or improve the drug formulation while supplying additional intellectual property that can create market exclusivity.

In addition to working with APIs from external partners, Renovo also independently identifies and investigates drug molecules that need physical property improvement. The cocrystals are patented and the properties are investigated in order to prepare a licensing package for development partners. Renovo has been granted a SBIR Phase I grant from the National Science Foundation to develop cocrystal products.
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