Quinhydrone is the first reported cocrystal in 1844
Dr. Childs formed Renovo Research in 2008. Dr. Childs brings 19 years of experience in crystal engineering to Renovo and was a pioneer in the field of pharmaceutical cocrystals. Dr. Childs developed the screening platform that is used at Renovo to discover new crystal forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Dr. Childs was instrumental in establishing an initial business relationship with a private equity backed venture that resulted in a pipeline of products with new crystal forms. Dr. Childs has a unique mix of management, operational, and scientific experience that complements the mission of Renovo.
The first cocrystal reported was quinhydrone in 1844 by Friedrich Wöhler (Wöhler, F. Annalen Chemie Pharmacie 1844, 51, 145-163).

(b. Eschersheim, near Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, 31 July 1800; d Göttingen, Germany, 23 September 1882)

"Wöhler studied quinone and hydroquinone, established the relationship between them, and discovered quinhydrone (which he compared for beauty of color with the feathers of the hummingbird)." from "Wöhler, Friedrich." Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography. 2008.
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