Cocrystals and life cycle management
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Renovo forms the vital link between an improved pharmaceutical product concept and the technology needed to enable the idea.

Renovo's strategy is to develop and play an active role in the commercialization of cocrystal-enhanced formulations of proven, well-characterized APIs that address unmet medical needs. To accomplish this, Renovo works independently as well as in partnership with other companies that share this goal.

Renovo is interested in partnering with companies have identified APIs with unmet medical needs and significant commercial opportunity.

Cocrystals present a tremendous opportunity to create improved products using the 505(b)(2) filing route. Contact Renovo to learn how this product strategy could apply to your API.
505(b)(2) product ideas
• Combination products - especially in situations with formulation challenges
• With APIs that can't form salts and still need improved solubility
• Any product targeted for fast release or absorption before being swallowed (e.g. buccal or sublingual)
• Creating additional exclusivity in an improved/differentiated OTC product or as part of a Rx to OTC switch
• Creating a controlled release product with a unique pk profile (e.g. pulsatile)
• Capsule to tablet change (e.g. Tricor)
• Improving BCS class II or other bioavailability/solubility challenged systems
• When the goal is creating more value for new indications with established APIs
• Systems with challenging polymorphism or hydration issues
• Systems requiring complex formulation or micronization
• If a solid dosage form is preferred over a current liquid formulation
• As an alternative to an amorphous form
• Inhaled dosage forms can dramatically benefit from cocrystallization
cocrystals of pharmaceuticals...