Fee-for-service contract research
The Renovo business model is focused on partnerships and development agreements. However, this may not be the right arrangement for some companies.

Renovo performs fee-for-service contract research for pharmaceutical companies exclusively though our partner company Triclinic Labs. For companies interested in Renovo's cocrystal technology, but would prefer to own all resulting cocrystal intellectual property outright rather than forming a partnership or joint venture with Renovo, please direct all enquiries to Triclinic Labs.

If you have questions about what kind of working relationship with Renovo would be appropriate for your company, please contact us to discuss your project.
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Cocrystals and the pet food recall of 2007
In 2007 it was discovered that chinese pet food suppliers added melamine and/or cyanuric acid to pet food supplies in an attempt to increase the perceived protein content. Large amounts of pet food were recalled when it was discovered that pets were exhibiting high rates of kidney failure after eating the contaminated pet food. The renal failure was caused by a low solubility cocrystal of melamine and cyanuric acid that formed in the kidneys.

The hydrogen bonding pattern in the 1:1 melamine:cyanuric acid cocrystal is shown below.
cocrystals of pharmaceuticals...