Cocrystals of NCEs
Pharmaceutical companies developing molecules that have not yet been approved by the FDA (new chemical entities) generally rely on the patent protecting the molecular structure of the drug in order to prevent generic competition. However, there are some NCE's that lack patent protection yet still have potential to become products that target unmet needs. While the FDA will grant a period of exclusivity to a NCE, this is rarely enough time to recover the expense of developing the drug. Utilizing cocrystals as part of the drug development commercialization strategy can create additional patent protection needed to justify the drug product development expense.

Cocrystals can create new intellectual property for existing compounds that would otherwise not have the exclusivity to justify the expense of bringing a product to market. If a cocrystal property can overcome a significant barrier in the development of a compound, such as poor bioavailability, then the patent on the cocrystal form can be used as a way of creating extended market exclusivity.
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Molecules with expired patents on the molecule, but significant opportunity to create a product targeting a significant unmet medical need in the US market

Molecules from other global regions that need formulation improvements and additional patent protection to create market exclusivity in the US

Phase III molecules that could benefit from a life cycle management strategy to create a next-generation improved product to extend patent protection beyond the molecule patent expiration

Early stage drug discovery companies with APIs exiting the discovery phase who are interested in creating product improvements or additional IP before licensing the API to a big pharma partner

Molecules developed at academic institutions or non-profits
Examples of possible NCE projects
cocrystals of pharmaceuticals...