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Drug molecules that are the basis for a partnership agreement are either New Chemical Entities (NCEs) that have not yet been approved by the FDA or existing FDA approved drugs.

A partner developing a new chemical entity is often trying to solve a problem, such as poor bioavailability, or the partner is interested in creating additional patent protection for the NCE.
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A partner interested in using cocrystals to form the basis for a product improvement, typically working in parallel with a formulation strategy, using a known API that has been previously approved by the FDA will be interested in the 505(b)(2) product strategy.
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Renovo currently has an opportunity available to submit a SBIR Phase II grant application to develop a product that requires an improvement in bioavailabilty. Contact Renovo if your company is interested in including your API in this opportunity.

Many pharmaceutical companies interested in cocrystals prefer to work on a strictly fee-for-service basis, which is available though Triclinic Labs.
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Partnering with Renovo
If the project meets certain requirements, Renovo will share the risk and cost of development of a cocrystal based product.

The partner must identify the API and describe the 'problem' that needs to be solved or the strategy for an improved product.

Renovo and the partner will collectively determine the potential product specifications and how cocrystals can be of benefit.

Renovo will screen, identify, scale up, characterize, and determine the most appropriate cocrystal that can meet the product requirements. A provisional patent application will be filed.

If initial dissolution and formulation experiments suggest that the project is viable, the project would enter the next phase. This point is usually marked by the filing of the non-provisional patent application. Further development is typically performed either by the partner with the assistance of Renovo, or by a third party.
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