Cocrystal screening, scale-up and characterization process
Renovo's expertise and experience in cocrystal research, combined with industry leading cocrystal screening and characterization abilities positions Renovo as the leading authority on the application of cocrystal technology to product improvement strategies. Renovo is uniquely positioned to successfully screen and identify cocrystals as well as scale up, characterize and ascertain the utility of cocrystal systems. The typical cocrystal development stages are:

1. Screening experiments identify the cocrystals.
2. Scale up (<1g) and characterization generates the information necessary to file a provisional patent application.
3. Determining the physical properties and utility for the available cocrystals results in product improvement goals.
4. Formulation and dissolution experimental results generate data that supports the project goals. Animal bioavailability studies can be performed at this stage to further demonstrate proof of concept. A non-provisional patent is filed.
5. Partnering to assist in further developing the product is common at this stage. This development may be a done in a virtual (CRO) environment, the partner with the original API product concept may lead further development, or the technology may be licensed to a third party.
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Renovo operates a laboratory facility in Atlanta, Georgia, USA that has extensive solid state and pharmaceutical characterization capabilities.

The solid state screening platform for identifying new salts and cocrystals is a custom designed and manufactured parallel array process that includes a reactor block based system that is capable of performing grinding or slurry conversion reactions, evaporations, reaction crystallization experiments, or sonicated slurry conversion.

Automated powder X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy instruments are used to characterize the samples generated in screening experiments.

This cocrystal screening technology is also available as a fee for service exclusively through our CRO partner, Triclinic Labs
Cocrystal screening at Renovo
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