Cocrystal drug delivery systems
Cocrystals are an enabling technology that is used in new or existing drug delivery systems to create a product improvement. In cases where the physical properties of the API form are a limiting factor in the preferred dosage form design, using a cocrystal with improved properties can simplify and improve the effectiveness of the formulation strategy.

s do not replace existing drug delivery systems, but preferably work in parallel to improve or optimize a system while simultaneously providing a significant additional source of IP to protect the product from competition. Renovo has also developed a unique supersaturating drug delivery system for cocrystals that can be applied independently or in parallel with other drug delivery systems.

Improved cocrystal properties can represent a significant opportunity for creating an improved drug product, but without a well designed drug delivery system, the potential for taking advantage of the improved cocrystal properties and making meaningful, improved pharmaceutical products may not be realized in many cases.
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Cocrystals represent a significant opportunity for companies that develop proprietary drug delivery systems. Renovo can assist in the development of highly effective specialty formulation platforms that, applied to an API with appropriate properties, can create a tremendous potential for product improvement and product differentiation.

Some examples of formulation strategies in which cocrystals could play a significant role: improving solubility, supersaturating drug delivery systems, bioavailability increase for BCS II, buccal delivery, pulsatile delivery, combination drug formulations, and inhalation products.

Perhaps the most exploitable property of cocrystals is the nearly instant release that can be obtained with highly soluble cocrystals. Cocrystals of poorly soluble drugs can reach high supersaturation levels within seconds. There are many opportunities for this very unique property such as quick dissolving strips or other formulations that require a very fast onset.